City of Heroes

City of Heroes

I have played City of Heroes on and off since it came out.  I loved the super hero genre, and thought it made a great alternative to being yet another elf or dwarf. 

I probably played CoH for about 3 years or so.  It is a great game for casual players, or used to be.  You could get on, get a team,  and get things done in a couple hours.  It has, hands down, the best, and fastest paced combat I have ever had in an MMORPG.  Getting a group was easy peasy.  Building a character's powers and enhancements were simple (yet quite varied) - no grinding for rares... and the travel powers and costume customization were AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

They really made the game less fun for me by doing three things:   The global defense nerf, the enhancement changes, and most importantly, Recipes (i.e. lewt).   With the GDF and enhancement limits, we stopped feeling like amazingly overpowered superheroes (which we were, and which was fun...).  But recipes changed the game almost overnight into a farm-zone...  Nobody did mission arcs any more - they just wanted to grind for an accolade, or for a rare recipe drop...

My best time with City of Heroes was spent with the in-game guild Liberty League. Those guys rock.

My main character was/is Captain Decency!  Put on a sweater, missy! 

I will probably dip back into City of Heroes one of these days, and/or try one of the other superhero themed MMORPGS.  Supposedly CoH is working on a way for users to create missions - that will be worth going back just to see how stupidly creative some of the playerbase can be!