Pfft, UR an ImaNewbie clone!

Pfft, ur just an ImaNewbie clone...

Pfft!  You are just an ImaNewbie clone!

Well, maybe a little...

But seriously - it is more complicated than that.  ImaNewbie was the start of pretty much all "eyesore" outfits people wore back then.  To be precise, KewL DooD is/was a mockery of the *real* kewldoods in Ultima Online, most of whom overnight began wearing brightly colored, mismatched clothing.  I have always tried to keep KewL DooD's outfit pretty different from ImaNewbie's.  Fortunately, since KewL died quite a bit, his costume was ever-changing.

Below is a copy of an article from my original site, that may better explain the relationship between KewL DooD and ImaNewbie.  KewL DooD would doubtless have existed without ImaNewbie, but I certainly have ImaNewbie to thank for KewL's (and many, many others') evolved fashion sense.

Note:  This was posted right after Tryon wrapped up ImaNewbie, some years back.

A hallmark in the saga of UO now comes to an end.

Tryon starts Imanewbie's final saga, over on his site.

It's a shame to see Imanewbie wind down, but he can rest assured that he has earned a solid place in MMORPGing history. He is, of course, the quintessential newbie, and no-one can usurp him of that dubious honor.

Over the years, KewL DooD has been accused of being an Imanewbie wannabe. KewL has never been an Imanewbie clone, yet like every other old school player, Imanewbie certainly left his mark on my game. Back in the oft-mentioned olden days, The rampant PKs mostly wore death robes and bone helms (or mage hats), just like in the old Imanewbie cartoons. Right after Imanewbie burst onto the scene, there were tons of brightly colored PKs all over the place. I can remember almost to the DAY when this happened. Some person I did not know and myself (as Dismal Duncan)were walking out of trinsic. The guard zone did not go out as far then as it does now. You had to "run the gauntlet" through the narrow entranceway to the main gates. We both began the run through the gauntlet from inside the city into the woods. When we hit the PK area, we both stopped dead in our tracks... Instead of grim, bone-faced people in grey robes, we saw all kinds of gaudy, multi-colored, robed and be-hatted people sauntering around in the gauntlet. They looked about as threatening as a pack of skittles.

The person with me said, "What is this, the brightly clad PK convention?" I typed in hahaha in response, and it was truly one of the rare occasions when I laughed out loud in Real Life...

Then of course, they e-bolted and cross-bowed us to death...

Within two days of that, KewL DooD was born in emulation of these jerks, and began to annoy the PKs as best he could. In hideously ugly, brightly colored clothing. I like to think there was at least some originality at work there, but Imanewbie definately affected UO's sense of fashion on a pretty wide scale...

Imanewbie was, and is, everynewbie. He's just your average guy, who wants to role play and go adventuring... He's like most of us pre-mmorpg adventure gamers, who got UO early on, and found something quite different on the inside of the box than what was printed on the outside of the box. And with those simple screenshots, and at times sublime dialog, Imanewbie expressed our frustrations better than anyone else possibly could, and helped us laugh at it, and remember its just a game. You couldn't help but laugh and point and say, "That happened to me! Really!"

In the highly unlikely event you have never seen the Imanewbie saga, you can find his site here. For me, at least, the Imanewbie set of cartoons capture what UO is and has been more accurately than any other Ultima Online lore that's out there in the ether.

So to Imanewbie and his creator, I raise a glass of virtual ale in salute, and say "U Suck!"