World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Ah, World of Walkcraft...

I tried World of Warcraft not too long after it came out - I only made it to level 27 or so before quitting.  All the walking absolutely drove me mad.  This was back when you got your first mount at level 40...  Grinding mobs for experience was not my bag, and doing quests just made you jog and jog and jog... so, meh...

So, about three years after that, I gave it another whirl, armed with the recruit-a-friend exp bonus, plus several fine guides that tell you what quests to get, and in which order, so as to minimize your walking.  That made a huge, huge difference.  I have managed to get a character (hunter, of course) up to level 59 as of this writing. 

World of Warcraft is amazingly polished, big, and "deep".  I find it kind of impersonal and lewt-driven, though.  Part of the problem is me - I don't have 30-40 hours a week to dump into a game like I did in my UO "glory" days...  I can't (won't) offer a guild guaranteed raid time on a regular schedule... I already have a job.

Here again, I am spoiled by UO.  Being able to place persistent structures in the real game world took that game to another level.  Communities just "happened", like they do in real life.  Also, having meaningful crafting gave you reasons to visit those player-made towns.