I am the unequivocable KewL DooD!  Ancient and decrepit, I have shuffled forth from the YMCA to lay claim to my rightful ownership of KewLDooD.CoM!

Do the curvy cornered boxes look funny?  Are you using IE6 or earlier?  Upgrade yo' browser!  It's freakin' 2009!


The old YMCA site is dead, dead, dead.  There are many technical reasons why it is not really feasible to resurrect it.  I am still there at the YMCA as of this writing, so I still presume to be the "official" YMCA website.  I have salvaged what content I could, and you should find it here on kewldood.com.  Check out the YMCA if you still play UO, on the other side of the road from the Yew graveyard on felucca.  You will find my house there right beside it.  UO is eerily quiet these days.  I imagine it is only held afloat by those like me, who have accounts we subscribe to based on old, dead memories of what was probably the best mmorpg that ever was...